Body Care

Your skin is your largest sensory organ and we have a range of products that can be used to protect it from environmental assaults and to bring back its natural softness and suppleness all day long.


  • Hand Creams

Our hand creams are designed to revitalise and nurture hands for a softer touch! You can find our hand creams in three scents: Purely Rose, Alpine Lavender and Heavenly Jasmine.  They are all formulated with their specific floral essence mixed with luxurious shea butter.

  • Body Lotions

Deeply nourishing and enriched by organic oils, slather on a Young & Laun Body Lotion after a bath or shower to leave your skin moisturised and glowing. The three aromas Purely Rose, Alpine Lavender and Heavenly Jasmine will relax and enchant.

  • Body Oil

Give your body and mind some TLC. The beautiful combination of soft rose mixed with lavish jasmine of our body oil will help you rewind. Easy to roll on and absorb into your skin, the Young & Laun Rose and Jasmine Body Oil is a sensual experience and definitely a treat!

  • Solid Perfumes

Made with all natural ingredients, Young & Laun offer a lovely alternative to spray perfume. Your choice of either Citrus or Rose & Jasmine scent, these handy solid perfumes are the perfect size to pop in your handbag or pocket to retouch throughout the day.

  • Natural Insect Repellent

Finally, an insect repellent that doesn’t smell of toxic chemicals! This natural, plant-based insect repellent is made with 8 different kinds of essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus, and has been proven very effective to fend off any pesky creepy crawlies.  It rolls on and sinks into the skin with ease and is safe to use on people of all ages.

  • Bed Bug Spray

The perfect travel companion to repel bed bugs from bed sheets and luggage. Made with all natural ingredients such as thyme and citronella, the uplifting scent of this spray will freshen up your bed sheets too. Handy Tip! This fragrant spray doubles up as a room deodorising mist as well!

  • Essential Oils

Young & Laun’s Essential Oils range contains 10 different types of pure, high quality essential oils that can be used for burning, massages and relaxing baths. The scents available are: Cape Rose Geranium, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lavender Bulgarian, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

Our range also includes the famous Young & Laun’s Signature blend that is always burning in our store. This best-selling custom blend will fill your home with a soothing and relaxing aroma that is both pleasant and invigorating.