Welcome to Young & Laun

We are a company devoted to skin and body care through an exclusive range of custom-blended natural botanical products.

Young & Laun products are freshly made in our state of the art compounding laboratory with all natural ingredients.

Here at Young & Laun, we believe that our wellbeing and health can be enriched through organic aromatic scents. Full of beneficial and fragrant botanicals, our products will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

We invite you to experience Young & Laun for yourselves today.


Why botanical products?

Humans have a long history of using botanical products as medicine and skincare. Thanks to modern technology, we now have a better understanding of why certain herbs or plants are beneficial to our body and skin. With this knowledge, we source the finest plant-based ingredients from around the world to bring you what Mother Nature intends – natural, happy and healthy skin!

Our products do not contain paraben, artificial fragrances or chemically derived preservatives and are not tested on animals.


“My daughter and I love the Rose Hip Luxury Face Oil, it’s very nice!  I’ll be sure to visit again.” – Jenny.

“I use Young & Laun Jasmine and Rose Hydrating Lotion and Rose Hydrating Mist everyday, my skin feels soft and smells great!” – Clare

“I recently purchased some of your Clear Complexion tea to try as I have had issues with getting to sleep for years now. I am finally sleeping for an entire night!  Also I have always had blemishes and since drinking a cup a day of Clear Complexion tea – I have not had one break out! Thank you.” – Elizabeth

“I love the Rose Hip Luxury Face Oil. My skin feels softer and looks healthier after two nights of using it. Thank you!” – Sharon

“I have been using Young & Laun products for a year now, I really love the Rose Hip Luxury Face Oil, its so nice on the skin and smells beautiful, I also use the Rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum, which is great too.” – Bev